LG Rollable TV Finally Available in the US: Guess the Price!

Image Source: LG

LG released the world’s first and currently the only rollable TV some time back. However, only recently have they made their luxurious new model available in the US. The LG OLED R is not only a sensation for the features it offers, but for its extremely high price too.

In South Korea, this TV has been sold for 100,000 Won. If we convert that into USD as per the current exchange rates, it’s a whopping $89,000! And what will kill you the most is that we have absolutely no idea as to how much is it going to cost in the US.

What’s the Fuss of this Rollable TV by LG All About?

The craze behind this TV is that it appears from nowhere. It’s the thinnest screen you can get and yet takes you into another world when you turn it on. What we are really talking about is a 65-inch television that you can reduce to zero when you turn it off.

Basically, when your TV is off, all that is visible to you is the stand and the base. However, the moment you switch it on, the screen will silently start unrolling itself and rise. You can either keep it in line view – where you only get to see the top portion of the screen, or in Full View, where the entire 65-inch screen is out. Again, when you switch it off, the TV will roll back into the base.

What Do You See?

What you’re looking at on screen is a self-luminous display instead of backlights. The image quality is a lot sharper that what you’ll see in a regular LED TV.

The resolution you’re getting is of course 4K HDR, given the standards of LG OLED televisions. The alpha 9 processors provide you with a sensationally realistic view. Its deep learning controls the picture quality and detects for ambient light to adjust the PQ curve of the TV according to the brightness in the room. It means that in daylight, the brightness of your screen increases while at night, the brightness reduces.

How Smart Is It?

From a smart TV, what you usually do expect is being loaded with apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and many more. While it’s obvious you’re getting them along with multiple voice assistants of your choice, the features also support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

Powered by AI sound mode and running on WebOS 4.5 smart platform by LG, the TV is actually smarter than many. The remote actually has a button for opening Amazon Prime Video, that also gives you access to Alexa on a long press. The microphone button, on the other hand connects you to ThinQ and Google Assistant.

Want to Get the LG OLED R Rollable TV in Your Room?

Well, as of now you can only visit the website and place an inquiry for this luxurious rollable TV by LG. you’ll have to visit the website, mention the country you’re from and place an inquiry for the price. While we do know how much the Koreans have paid for this baby, we’re yet to see how much the company offers it for in the US.

And visiting the official website is the only way you can satisfy the hunger of your curiosity.

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