LG is to surprise with the latest 17-inch rollable laptop.

LG is providing us many tech benefits like Televisions, mobile phones, mobile tablets, smart watches, home appliances and almost everything that a Tech-driven company can do for its customers.  Over the years we have heard of smart mobile phones with latest inbuilt technologies but rollable laptops are on their way to capture markets soon. We all are looking forward to this upcoming laptop from the Korean company and its amazing features that can be a great help for sorting out portability issues.

On the league to become a tech giant, LG is quite competing with OPPO and is about to give us a new unique laptop in its design. LG has already launched smartphones like other competitive tech giants OPPO and TCL, and leaving no stones unturned in manufacturing new generations laptops. In the sequence of the new launches, LG is expected to release a 17-inch rolling display Laptop. LG has already mastered in delivering rolling TV with big prices. The patent that has been released gives us some information regarding its features that includes a foldable keyboard and touchpad that can ease portability and takes lesser space. It looks much like a sound bar when unrolled.

LG rollable laptop on its way with brand new features


LG has worked great on its design part, as we can see that it has a power button on the sides of the laptop, unlike the usual ones, which is easier to turn when rolled.

It has very unique feature of variant display that can vary between 13.3-inches to 17-inches, thus helps reducing and enhancing space accordingly.

And also, one astonishing thing about the latest one is that the webcam which is above the display hides when it is rolled, for safety reasons. Along with it, the keyboard and touchpad can also be folded easily as there are 2 hinges on both the sides of the laptop and again reducing space constraints. It looks like a soundbar if completely rolled and hence, perfect for portability.

Since the flexibility that this design is offering is quite fragile and it will take time to be a consummate in its manufacturing. It might be possible that the Korean company is still far from selling this laptop into market. The information has not yet been confirmed as LG is yet to announce it officially. The patent has been signed and according to RootMyGalaxy all this information is incurred. 

We all hope to get these kinds of rollable laptops in near future to help us with the space constraints.

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