LG and Dutch Firm Tie Up To Develop Quantum Computing Technology

A few days ago, LG made its big announcement to step out of the smartphone industry. We were also aware of the fact that they were to invest into fields of technology. Well guess what, it has tied up with the Dutch quantum algorithm developers QU & CO to research on quantum computing technology.

In other words, after failing in the Smartphone market, LG is now looking at the next big thing in technology.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is the use of quantum laws to perform computations in a computer. These quantum computers can perform difficult problems such as integer factorization with unbelievable speeds that no regular computer can achieve. Among the different types of quantum computers, quantum circuit is the most popular model.

What are LG and QU & CO Going to Work On Together?

As of now, the agreement between the two companies is for 3 years. They are going to develop computing technology for Multiphysics simulations.

In simpler terms, they’re looking at multiple physical phenomena that occur simultaneously. The study involves analysis as well as verification of the same.

What does LG Gain Here?

Studying Multiphysics simulations no doubt requires a better technology. The computers that the company currently has, are therefore not fit for it.

Industries like big data, robotics and vehicles usually use quantum computing for improving their technology. With this collaboration, LG hopes to speed things up.

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