Leading-edge Innodisk release InnoBTS SSD using Blockchain

Innodisk’s peculiarly new solution InnoBTS SSD developed with blockchain technology ensures a secured environment of valuable data in IoT devices. The InnoBTS SSD integrates Blockchain Technology in a single storage device, using digital signature and fully software-independent solutions.

With the release of InnoBTS, the AI industry is highly benefited due to the use of AI-based gadgets in everyday applications, ensuring data integrity in POS systems, and digital cards.

A combination of Blockchain technology and IoT advances the setup for applications, software with multiple devices connected in the blockchain network.

Self Sustaining software

The SSD series combined with blockchain Technology helps to overcome the scalability challenges in IoT devices with distributed ledger technology and tamper-proof technique.

Eliminating the software allows uncomplicated integration as well as establishes the data integrity, by functions stored in unapproachable SSD firmware.Various AI applications make use of InnoBTS SSD cards for the development of smart cities, smart factories as well as intelligent surveillance.

Cybernated digital signature with easy verification

The data written in SSD will be encrypted with a hash string, which is incorporated in a specific data set, further chained to the blockchain network. This makes certain if any tampering occurs, by scrutinizing the valuable data with encrypted hash string to check inconsistency. The SSD series comprises hardware-run digital signatures, using private and public keys sent to both parties. The receiver can always cross-check if the sender is an authorized person. The SSD card provides maximum security to private keys within the internal safety zone by creating a decentralized ledger between numerous electronic devices.

With the release of industrial Solid State Drives, the industries can experience a smarter way of innovation with standard storage solutions for many IoT-based devices. The upgraded architecture with Innodisk signature 4K mapping algorithm, the SSD provides robustness with increased lifespan and overcoming the worst challenges faced in embedded systems

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