Lay a shield with Google’s VPN: Save your data from hacking

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Google, the most reputed and trustworthy search engine whom all people relies on to get all the information globally is now out to design a new product for elevating the security of web users. A new Virtual Private Network service is going to be launched by the tech giant Google to protect the devices from being hacked through uncovered public wifi networks. This VPN service will be a feature of the company’s Google One help, soon be available for US users.  According to Google, VPN will act as an addon layer for online protection.

The essentialities of having a VPN service

When you use unsecured hotspots, the opportunities escalate for those who intent to decode any private data that gets transmitted through the networks. In such cases, chances of theft becomes quite extreme where through IP address or visited websites, passwords to financial or personal information could be easily be gathered, the only major reason why VPN is getting so popular during time.

The prime work of VPN is to make a way for the data through a coded connection to the cloud server, in order to protect it from the reach of probes. Google rolled out this latest updated VPN service as earlier there were a lot security issues people were facing, the user’s unencrypted data were able to be visible to VPN provider like the domain of each visited website, found guilty of revealing user traffic, even with good intentions.

Speaking about the data, the extra encryption will consume only 5% to 10% more of user’s data leading to drainage in battery and more data usage. Though, you won’t have to compromise with the speed using Google VPN, speeds above 300Mbps can be easily flown on this feature with a minor notification of its impact on battery life.

Google revealed an extra layer of VPN service to protect your data from geeks

The price you can afford!

You can be carefree with the new Google VPN even if you are using public Wifi or any internet connection beside your office or home area. Subscribe Google One now to protect all your data from hacking. The very new Google VPN tool comes as a plus for Google One subscribers with a storage capacity of about 2 TB or more. The one feature with the 2TB plan costs $9.99 per month or you can say $99 per year. Avail alone or share with the whole family with up to 5 members, no extra cost is needed.

Currently limited to US states but will eventually be brought on to the other platforms like iOS and Windows, for other regions and countries as well.

Let’s activate the VPN service

All VPN services follow a single principle which is to use encryption for secured internet connection. So, activating the VPN service is just a play of one tap, no such extra exercise is required. All you need to do is open the Google One app and then toggle on the VPN, and hurray! The internet data of the user now works on a secret code. Open any app you want, your sensitive data is in safe hands now. The service is accessible for all, once the button is turn over making hackers out of the way when connected to public networks.

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