Just Hum it out and the song is right there for you!

Who doesn’t like listening to songs? Someone likes listening to melodies, some jazz, folk songs, ballads, rock etc. But what if you really want to hear a song but just remember the tune and forget about the lyrics or the name of the song. It really feels irritating that you want some specific thing to hear but you couldn’t..Right?

Well, your problem is sorted now! For the amusement of music lovers, Google brought up with a new feature where you can either sing, whistle or hum any melody to get the song what was stuck in your head. No more bursting your head out for getting the lyrics, name of the artist or perfect pitch.

The great news is that the process of finding your song is not at all tricky..all you have to do is- open up the latest version of Google application on your mobile app or find the Google Search widget, tap on the mic icon, and speak up “what’s this song?” or you can also directly go to “Search a song”. After that, you can start humming for around 10-15 minutes. The users with Google assistant will find it simpler where the user just needs to say” Hey Google, what’s this song?” and then start humming. The feature is available in more than 20 languages for android users whereas for iOS users, this feature is compatible just English songs currently.

The moment you hum a melody in the search, the AI-based Google’s machine learning model will transform that audio to a number-based sequence that will reflect back the song’s melody in return. The model is adjusted such that it could catch song depending on numerous sources like whistling, humming, human singing, and also studio recordings.  

Google has also announced acute changes that will affect Google site rankings in search engines. Few of these changes will impact 10% of searches, some 7%, and the BERT impact is now changed to 100% from 10%.

You will be getting to know some of the updates by the end of this year while others are already live in search results.

Let’s see what BERT is-

To help Google understand the words within context of the surrounding words, Google came up with BERT which is a technique for language processing pre-training.

BERT will be understanding the aim of Google search query better. Also, Google can now understand misspelled words better by its spelling algorithm.

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