It’s Homepod-mini: The speakers of the house!!

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In the era of visual or audio digital world, Apple here comes again with the new set of collectable devices which can indulge you. It is one of the best – audio wireless smart speaker presently going on. The attraction factor about which is that it can be controlled by voice assistant Siri, the apple lady!

The Trump Card or you can say Trump Voice:

Homepod is the speaker with highly accurate and exact audio that adjusts according to its location like chameleon. It is like butler of the house which takes care of every task, controls your smart home, can send intercom messages to each of your room and many other chores that could set up with audio functionality. Since it’s obedient enough, chances of misleading by any random person are next to zero. It is safe as well as secure and only listens to “Hey Siri”.

This speaker produces immensely high volume than its size and completely justifies the famous saying that ’Good things comes in small packages’. It enriches the entire room with amazing sound which will blow your heart away and will add extra comfort and enjoyment depending on your mood.

Like the other products of Apple, this one is also warm, soothing and appealing at its core. It gives ambience of 360 degree room filling and has touchscreens on its top. Music starts when you tap on it . To have a word with Siri, you can touch and hold it for long. It has other gestures as well like double tap, triple tap etc. etc.

create your own In-house sound system by connecting or pairing more than one Homepod or Homepod mini

Loss of Points:


Homepod and Homepod mini are compatible only with Apple applications.

Issues with Siri:

Often quarrels have been observed on Siri’s way of work like sometimes it gets mislead. While many a time, The voice assistant listens to “Hey Siri” and responds at irrelevant times if you speak during watching television or doing some other work. Sometimes the suggestion which it gives regrading updates can face issues because the given advice might be applicable on iPhone but it might not work on Homepod which may lead to the pop up of getting a problem in the app.


One more noticeable thing is that it coming with less features in the field of entertainment. It does not provide games unlike Alexa and Google Play.

Talking about the touch controls, once tapped its music will resume from where you stopped with the same volume, thereby creating chaos.

Things to keep in mind before Buying:

It has undoubtedly room filling music but the Siri issues are like the same as before. So you need to calm down yourself and think about both the perks and loss of points and then eventually take decisions because Apple will never want the user’s Loss Of Credibility.

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