Israel-Palestinian Conflict Changing the Instagram Algorithm

Political movements and conflicts found their place on social media a long time ago. While in most cases social media is used as a platform for making protests, in this case we have a protest against the very platform. Due to very technical reasons, the Instagram algorithm failed to highlight the pro-Palestinian content on its platform during the Israel-Palestinian conflict. As a result, the Palestinians have accused the platform of favouring the Israelis.

So, what happened exactly that led to these series of events? 

Accusations on Instagram by Palestinians

You’ll obviously find several posts on this conflict on social media. On Twitter, a video footage of Israeli soldiers attacking the Al-Aqsa mosque went viral too. The Israeli military also made posts of successful attacks on their Twitter page. However, here’s what happened when the disputes took to Facebook and Instagram:

  • Facebook’s AI had suspended ads put-up by Muslim organizations for raising funds for Ramadan.
  • Instagram banned content about the Al-Aqsa Mosque for mistaking it to be a terrorist organization’s name.
  • The posts relating to the air strike taking place in Gaza have made their way into the category of “sensitive content”.
  • Due to a bug, many Palestinian users were unable to put-up stories on the above matter.

The New Instagram Algorithm

Facebook has answered the above protests and decided on changing the algorithm of Instagram. From now on, original content and their re-posts will be getting an equal rank on their feed. It has clearly stated that it has not been favouring any particular community. The above events were a result of some of their technical glitches and algorithms, which have now been resolved.

This does not mean that it encourages posting of harmful content in any way. However, it will ensure that it will not silence any community’s voices in the middle of a conflict.

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