Intel Corp Censors Hate Speech: “Bleeps” Off Offensive Content

With violence and brutality on rise. Every public space is now under the radar of moral policing. With heated protests slamming racism, xenophobia, LGBTQ, Asian-hate crimes; dissecting the mentality of the general public is no easy feat. Especially, in the virtual world where the perpetrators can hurl hate with no reservations whatsoever. But, not anymore for in order to curb this prejudice motivated speech hurls, in March Intel corp announced to keep a tab on speech acts and practices which can inflict harm and damage expressive freedom. 

The bleep software AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used to “detact and redact” to purge unpleasant and hate driven content during gameplay. It’s aim is to create a clean fun space for gamers. Intel’s development was brought to light during a recent event on-board was the Vice President, Roger Chandler, who stated the need to usher gaming towards a responsible hate-free gaming platform. 

With it’s ability to address the online toxicity issue Bleep AI is the new viral sensation. With options such as none, some, most, or all hate speech is being categorized for the gamers to dismiss what they feel is unsuitable to them. In hopes of creating an acceptable and diverse environment Intel has placed this sophisticated control in the hands of it’s users. Not only is bleep policing hate and it’s agents on gaming platforms it can set an example to filter prejudiced content such hate comments on various other social media platforms.

Bleep program can slur content in voice chats, alongside abusive language, body shaming, racism, gender bias, etc. The program first made it’s debut two years ago wherein the company had partnered with Spirit AI. Moving on from it’s prototype stage to be released as a beta program; Bleep has come long way. Although, not a powerful weapon to eradicate hate completely it is nevertheless able to control the gaming experience as it takes its first step towards being a virtual moderator.

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