Instagram Reels: The new way for Tiktokers

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You all must be well aware of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok as well. And nothing to hide about it but Tiktok was one such platform used the most by the users. Observing which, Instagram came up with a finest alternative- Instagram Reels.

Yeah, Instagram reels are not exactly like Tiktok but if you will learn to use it appropriately, they can be a good replacement. It is a brand new way to frame short and funny clips on Instagram. You can create and even share those entertaining videos with your followers or anyone on Instagram.

Let’s see how easily you can learn this-

All you need to do is- Swipe right on the Instagram home page to access the camera inside the app. At the bottom of the camera, you will find the option of reels. Tap and hold the camera for about 15 seconds to create a 15 seconds Reel, same like you used to do for Instagram stories. The Reel comes with multiple features like adding music along with clip or using filters to glow up your video, Make a slow motion or fasten the clip- all in your hands, and even you can set the timer of how long you want your video to be.

You can easily share these reels either through Instagram stories – which is for just 24 hours or by adding it to the Feeds for people to watch whenever they want for private accounts. Not only the existing one but also your past reels can be easily watched by just tapping to new Reel on your profile. In public accounts, not only your followers but others can also watch your Reels by sharing to- Explore feed.

Also, you can explore the trending reels on Instagram.

Some of the other features of creating reels are-

  • AR Effects- Explore as many effects as you want from the effects gallery which has all the effects created both by Instagram and the creators all around the world.
  • Background music- Instagram music library has all the type of songs you can grab. Even you can create reels using your own audio, and in case you have a public account, people can make their reels with your audio by tapping “Use Audio”
  • Line up- You can also add all your clips in the pipeline so that you can place the things in your own way. Like you can add more people or change the background like you want. This align feature will bring a more cinematic effect to your Reel.

Explore the trending Instagram Reel and know the difference yourself!

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