Individuals Can Create Android Apps In 5 Minutes

Individuals can build custom Android apps with no prior coding requirements by using AppSheet. AppSheet is a no-code development tool from Google Cloud. It is available on Google Play Store and allows people to build applications that connect to or collect data quickly.

AppSheet enables users to create Android applications with Google Maps and geolocation in under five minutes

According to Google, when users incorporate Google Maps in their apps made in AppSheet, they can create a geolocation application instantly. Users can also suggest what they would like their customers to do depending upon the task updates. This will make sure that deliveries are occurring as per the schedule and thus, keep the projects on track. 

The no-code development tool also lets creators build automation applications. The tech giant stated that the platform has built-in workflow functionality that will help users to review and test it prior to customization of their app. 

The platform has over 2 lakh active application creators globally. So far, the most popular use case of AppSheet is inventory management. Others include field data capture, custom CRMs, field sales, equipment and safety inspections, property management, and fleet management. 

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