How to Stay Safe from Ransom DDOS Attack?

With the proliferation of internet almost everything under the sun is available and so its inevitability factor remains constant. A large part of the world now uses social media platforms, ecommerce portals, etc. for daily essentials and luxuries where people’s data is shared freely.

In this regard, a recent incident can be taken as an example where a Fortune Global 500 firm received threats from RDDOS for 20 Bitcoin i.e. $800,000. The attack was covered by Cloudfare which mentioned that the hackers blackmailed of another theft, if the company failed to pay them the said amount.

The main reason behind the robbery, as sources trace, was that the company had an on-demand instead of an always-on DDOS protection. This can be compared to the days when credit card holders would get fake bank calls to acquire bank account details, resulting into loss of money.

Focus points to remain alert:

1] Avoid being dependent on on-demand SOC-based DDoS Protection services. In this way, organisations can get rid of traffic analysis done by humans.

2] Make use of an always-on DDOS (uninterrupted cloud-based) protection. In this case, companies must follow-up with their vendors and work in accordance with the type of network used.

3] Employees must be made aware of such attacks and trained, so that future risks of robbery can be taken care of.

In these times where ransom attacks are on a high, companies are gearing up with a back-up plan and strategy to curb the same because different levels of hackers have come into existence. Cybersecurity has to be taken more seriously than ever.

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