How to Recognize the Type of Malware in Your Computer?

Normally, when we witness problems like slowing down of our computer, corruption of files or automatic shutting down, we say it is infected by a virus. However, did you know that virus is only one of the few types of malware that can damage your computer?

What is a Malware?

The term is actually a combination of two words – malicious (meaning harmful) and software. In other words, it is a software that intends to cause damage to your operating system, software, programs and files.

Types of Malware to Identify

Malware comes in several forms, mostly hidden in email attachments and website downloads. Here are some different varieties you’ll face:


Even though we commonly mistake any malware to be a virus, it is actually an uncommon malware attack we face. When you find your computer files getting corrupted, it means your computer is infected with a virus. No other malware is capable of infecting your files.


These are dangerous malware that can spread before you can take any action. They commonly enter your system through spams and emails, infecting an entire network on just a single user’s download. The damage includes taking up your free space, deleting essential files and crashing of programs.

Trojan horse

Have you received an email or pop-up that says “your computer is infected and needs this antivirus program”? In most cases, the download available to you is a Trojan. You’ll find your system slowing down, memory deteriorating, too many pop-ups or sudden change in your browser home page.


This program quietly hides in your system stealing sensitive data like passwords and credit card credentials. You’ll witness sudden crashes, changes in your browser, pop-ups that don’t go and mysterious file and app downloads in case of infection.


Being one of the most dangerous of the lot, a ransomware will encrypt your data and lock your entire network till you pay a heavy price for it. Your system will get locked and all your file extensions will change.

There are many types of malware, but each type has its own way of infecting your machine. The big question is – can your antivirus software deal with all of them?

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