How to Determine the Best Operating System for Gaming?

If you’re a hard core gamer who’s into Age of Conan or World of Warcraft, you definitely want a system that works smoothly for you. Additionally, you need crystal-clear visuals because of the detailed animation. In other words, you need the best operating system that is meant for gaming.

There’s no doubt that Mac offers a great display and is very easy to use. However, does that make it a suitable OS for gaming? Hard core gaming requires your operating system to provide you more than just a great visual display. Let’s check out what comprises the best gaming OS for PC.

Features Required in the Best Gaming Operating System

There are 3 major operating systems that we use in PC and laptops all over the world – Windows, Mac and Linux. Among these, Windows still has multiple versions operating, the latest one being Windows 10. As we look at the features, we’ll see which operating system has the best of each:


Usually, we determine the performance of any computer by its speed. This in turn is determined by the processor and RAM. That way, Mac OS has a processor of 2.3 GHz and 8 GB RAM. Meanwhile, Ubuntu has a processor of 2 GHz and 4 GB RAM and all Windows OS have a processor of 1 GHz and 2 GB RAM.

However, when it comes to choosing the best gaming operating system, it is the graphics card that determines how smoothly your PC can render an image. Here, all Windows OS machines undoubtedly have the best graphics cards, which support DirectX 12 (explained below).


Both Ubuntu and Mac aren’t fully compatible with all games. On the other hand, Windows uses an API called DirectX, that is specially meant for making gaming smoother, faster and better. Only Windows 10 has the latest version of this API, which is DirectX 12, that has introduced plenty of features.


Like we mentioned above, there is no doubt about the fact that Mac OS beats all operating systems when it comes to display, which is 21.5-inch diagonal with backlit LED. The second best here is Windows 10, which provides a minimum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Choice of Games

Windows OS drastically beats Mac and Linux operating systems here, providing you with a choice of over 20,000+ games. Mac OS has around 7,000 games on Steam while Ubuntu has only around 4,000.


When it comes to security, both Mac and Linux have more secure servers as compared to Windows. 

Which Operating System has the Best of All Features for Gaming?

Out of 5 vital features needed to choose the best operating system for gaming, Windows OS wins in 3. Among all the versions of this OS, there is no doubt that Windows 10 is the best Windows OS for gaming.

Which Operating System Do You Prefer for Gaming?

We just figured out which OS is best for gaming. Even though the majority prefer using Windows, individual choices may differ for some players. According to your experience, which operating system has been the best for gaming?

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