Hive: the New Social Media Buzz in Town

(Image Source: Hive)

You all are familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Myspace as of today. However, Hive is the newest addition to this list that is creating the most buzz right now.

Why so? Let’s check it out.

What is Hive?

Hive is a new social media platform that is trending with people right now. It was created in October 2019 by CEO Kassandra. However, only recently it has received enough hype to become a hit overnight. Hive went on to become No.1 social media app on the apple app store and the No. 2 most downloaded app overall.

How is it Different?

You might be familiar with the current social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hive combines the experiences of all these three platforms into one single app.

The appearance resembles that of Instagram that comes with a explore page. You can see the latest posts and trending posts on this page. The profile page has a twitter like look and feel where you can post texts, photos and videos. To add to that, you can also set a background song to your profile just like in Myspace.

In a Glance 

Hive is a social media app that is ad free and provides more freedom to its users. It allows you to have clickable links on your content which Instagram allows only if you have 10k followers. This has attracted many new small business and content creators and the buzz is still on.

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