Here’s where smartphone camera really struggles

It’s a marked fact that people take pictures to document their experience and recall it later or to encapsulate and exhibit their experience of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or more. They may capture and post a photo of a ravishing sunset to social networks in order to share the sense of their insights.

Speaking of which let’s talk about the apocalyptic orange sky on Wednesday in San Francisco that people are gossiping about! The dozens of uncontrolled wildfires caused the gigantic clouds of smoke which turned the major cities across California and Oregon into something like a Martian landscape. The sky was so dense that it was largely blocking the sun view because of the hazardous air quality all over the Bay area. However, while capturing the image of that appealing sky, smartphone cameras were having unusually difficult time. The people get to know that their smartphones were struggling to capture the rare, vibrant shade of the orange sky.

In many situations, smartphones cameras never let us down, all credit goes to the software that automatically improves the focus, composition and settings like Black and White symmetry of a shot. But, sometimes these modifications can create hindrance in capturing the unique and some of the vivid images of life.     

Because of this automatic color correction feature in the smartphones, the software preloaded in the default camera apps acutely attempts to correct the shades and exposure to resemble more normal looking sky. Which is why, the picture captured was much more of a common grey. On social media, there were lots of people facing the same experience with both the photo as well as video coming from the phones. Whether it’s an iPhone 11 Pro Max, a Pixel 4a or a Galaxy Note 20 none were even close to capture the exact orange of the sky except the Canon DSLR.

Specifically, smart phones only looks forward to a blue, overcast or a night sky- not an orange apocalyptic skies. If you want to get the accurate picture of such colorful skies then make sure that the color correction must be set aside manually. In case you want a more realistic picture from same smart phones then try putting something in the frame so that the AI could recognize the “normal” color. Prefer turning off the auto white balance in the main camera app to get the far better results. Set it to the “daylight” before the app tries to determine it itself.

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