Have a Good night sleep with Bose’s sleepbuds updated version

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Many have a habit of listening to some kind of music while sleeping while some get trouble sleeping because of the disturbances around them. And also, if you want to ignore the world and feel like losing yourself in your own world then this newly invented Bose Sleepbuds II are for you. These are so light weighted that you wouldn’t even feel of something in your ear. These can be your best partner to help you have a good and sleepy nights.

Bose Sleepbuds II are the predecessor of Sleepbuds I, but follow the same formula like the previous one.

Now, an obvious question arises why part II, what was wrong with the first version? Few months back, the sleepbuds I started exhibiting some battery related issues because of which the customers were facing trouble while sleeping as they didn’t knew when it went off without reflecting any pop-up or notification. The company tried to address the issue but came to the conclusion that while the battery functioned safely but wasn’t as compatible or inevitable to meet their level. Hence, the product got discontinued. Hearing this heartbroken news, many of its users got disappointed as the buds were really helpful in aiding their sleeps.

A good news for such users! Bose sleepbuds are in play again with advanced features launching on 6th of upcoming month with a price of about $249.95. Expensive but worthy!

What makes them different from other ear buds is that the remarkable bose sleepbuds are specially designed in such a way that it close fits to your ears and can play a queue of tracks to cover the disrupting noises, thereby giving a peaceful sleep. The buds have more comfortable ear tips that can fit easily in your ears whole night. More importantly, these Bose sleepbuds version II are ultra-light in weight with a stretched track list of up to 35 tracks.

These are programmed in such a way that no outer sound can get to you or irritate you anymore like the barking of dogs, honking sounds of vehicles or other late night disturbances. Their coating is fully frictional, so no chance of even having creaking sound when rubbed against any surface. The buds have a brand-new antenna for higher connectivity with your phones.

Unlike version I, this has no issue with battery lives as it is powered by a NiMH battery i.e. reflecting up to 10 hours of play-out. It also has its case made up of aluminum to improve it lifeline. Noise and water resistant? Indeed!

Why not give it a try, the brand has its own face.

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