GUNNAR optiks Introduces Lightning Bolt 360 Glasses: A perfect companion for your Gaming toolkit

Are you a solemn gamer with a perfect set up? Your mouse works as an extension and your controllers are unique, you have an amazing piece of headset and your keyboard has a gratifying click. Is there anything you left with to add to your gaming setup? 

Yes, what about  a perfect pair of gaming glasses! You need them too!

GUNNAR optiks has come up with the most versatile pair of glasses that are specifically designed for gamers: Lightning Blot 360.

Why should you buy gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses don’t make you a pro gamer but they provide ultimate protection to your eyes. The ruthless blue light of a computer monitor is harmful for your eye’s health.  If you sit straight for a long hour on your gadgets or computer, these protective glasses can relieve your eyes strain in no time. You can focus on your game with more attention while not harming your eyes.

What is GUNNAR optiks Lightning Bolt 360?

GUNNAR optiks is a well-known brand with a range of enhanced gaming glasses. The company has launched its latest editions of gaming glasses named Lightning Bolt 360: your gaming partner to have a long run play. GUNNAR, ELS and 6-Siege are the three different editions available for now.

The company offers Specs of lens width 61 mm with 16 mm nose and nose pad fit small  5 mm, medium 7 mm and large 8 mm. Frames width is 140 mm and weighs 29 grams without packaging. Temple 135 mm and frame width is 140 mm. You will get a 12 month warranty on the purchase.

Source: Gunnar optiks

Features of Lightning Blot 360

GUNNAR optiks is well known for providing various features with every product. Lightning Blot 360 has a wide range of features as follows:

  • There are three different temple options: Classic, Post and Strap. Classic temple is for standard wearing whereas Post if slim and lightweight fit glasses. Strap comes with maximum comfort with a headset. 
  • It has interchangeable lenses for outdoor and indoor uses. 
  • The benchmark amber lens protects your eyes from blue light indoors and it also gives 100% UV protection outdoors.
  • Three nose bridges size : small, medium and large gives a perfect fit ware.
  • It has a unique lightning bolt design to relieve temple pressure. 
  • A protective pouch comes with the glasses to store the pair when not in use.

The price for GUNNAR Lightning Blot 360 starts at $129.99 only. 

It may be difficult to say whether the gaming glasses are an essential part of your gaming toolkit but if you don’t want to experience those dry eyes and headaches and simultaneously can’t compromise with your games- then GUNNAR optiks Lightning Blot 360 is for you. 

You may feel the prices are a bit high but also have a close look at the features to understand why it values such a high amount. Interchangeable lenses, different temple options, indoor and outdoor uses benefits, three nose bridges and unique lightning bolt makes it a perfect companion for your gaming. Experience a whole new setup and enjoy your favourite games for as long as you want with these pair of specs.

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