Google’s autofill password now allows biometric authentication in Android devices: on or above Android 10

Remembering a bunch of passwords is difficult sometimes. And that’s where Google comes into rescue. A password manager is a lifesaver to have secured passwords for every account you have, and Google takes an essential step by saving it for further uses. Whenever you don’t recall your given password, you can use the way to login to your account. 

This feature has been introduced since some years, and many of us are using the facility promptly. Google manages our password and helps us in auto-filling our credentials whenever needed.

Biometric authentication is a secure way login credentials and Google has implemented it with its latest update to autofill passwords. Earlier the implementation was insecure as Google never asked for a password or biometric verification before filling up details, which leads to login with auto-filling information to the apps and other services if your smartphone is unlocked.

Now with the latest update from Google, it allows you to use your biometric authentication (face-unlock, Finger sensor) to auto-fill to log in on your Android 10 or above models. To get the feature, you have to do changes in settings.

  • Go to settings > Google > Auto-fill > Auto fill with Google> Auto fill security

There you find option to switch to biometric authentication Once you are done with the settings you need to provide your biometric authentication to auto fill passwords. This will make your browsing and logging in more secure than before.

Make sure you are using Google’s autofill service to access the updates from Google.

If you don’t know how to change the settings, then here it is:

Go to Settings > System> Language and Input > Auto fill Service > Click on Google

As per Android Police, who is the first to report about the updates, now you can use the fingerprint sensor, face unlock and other forms of biometric authentication to auto-fill passwords to third-party websites. 

As per reports Google was planning to roll out the update in January 2020 to support biometric authentication to autofill first-party service. And now it will serve every Android 10 and above smartphone to deal with hackers and unethical activities.  When other third-party password managers require biometric, a PIN or a master password to access the data, it is overwhelming to witness Google getting on board with the trends.

Though the updates are released but not all android users get the facilities yet.

Do you want to check whether it is available on your smartphone? If you want to know the status, then go to your system settings and check Google auto-fill options are there or not. If you find the alternative security auto-filling option, then the feature has successfully landed your smartphone. If not, if you have to wait for some time to get it.

This change is something that everyone in the Android community was waiting for. With the update now it will be more secure to auto-fill passwords for various sites with the added featured protection of Google.

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