Google’s Adaptive Charging feature

We all have suited ourselves to working from home from this year. Google also recognises this and it has recently announced a feature for some of the pixel phones. The new feature that Google ruled out is known as adaptive charging. Some  of the selected pixel phones under this new feature can charge themselves slowly during the night time. 

So if you have a pixel phone that can use this feature, all you need to do customise the phone as per the instructions given by Google. According to that, you just need to open the settings, go on to the battery option and choose adaptive battery. That’s all and now it’ll start charging itself after 9 p.m. also and elective alarm will be set between 5:00 to 10:00 a.m. This new feature has been rolled out to be able to make the battery life last for a longer time and it is soon to be installed in many other phones by Google as well. So it is like a invisible battery charger that will get activated after 9 p.m. and also will remind you between 5 to 10 a.m.

This feature in the Google pixel phones is what we call the December feature drop. 

Adaptive charging in Google pixel is a feature that actually aims at keeping the battery life of the phone healthy and viable for a long period of time. It helps to sustain the battery for a longer period of time by actually controlling the speed at which the Google pixel phone charges. So the battery health of the Google pixel phone will not only extend but will also work at an optimal rate but this charging feature works at only certain hours as per the instructions laid down by the Google. 

Even the Google has given out documents  has already provides the specification as how to follow the above mentioned two steps to enable the adaptive charging. The pixel family has always been appreciated with the kind of specifications that it rolls out in the price range that it comes in. 

This new feature will obviously be a big attraction for the people looking to buy to new phone. However Apple also offers a feature which is similar to this one but the difference lies between the two is that the features implementation actually comes from the habits of its user while charging phone. So what give it th edge over google is that phone is always charged and ready to go, just according to the schedule of the user. Google needs to improve in this arena, that is to work according to the charging habits of its users. 

Selected Google pixel phones have this  form of self running battery charger which is actually a savior. But another fact that is true is also that it could be better in so many ways. But otherwise, if you look at it positively, it is a great way to make the battery of the Google pixel phones last longer.

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