Google wants you to train its AI: By Lip syncing

Image source: Google

As the time is changing, so the world is! Especially because of the pandemic, people are leaning more towards Artificial Intelligence. Plus the companies are making huge discoveries to make human life as easy and entertaining as possible. Let’s talk about one such brand we all are aware of- Google.

Day after day, Google is coming up with new astonishing ideas and inventions for its users. Among all the projects till yet, the one which involves AI are the most magnificent ones all over the globe. From creating videos to talking to assistant AI has its back in almost everything you do, if you are using a pixel device.

Gabbing about Google, after location highlights of corona-virus 19 on maps for safe navigations, the company has come up with the latest experiment LipSync that came up in the sight of all by YouTube just for Chrome only on desktop to have a clear face recognitions. This feature asks users to lipsync with a favored song – a slight part of “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I, and in exchange you will be given a scorecard rating your performance. Google is planning to teach its machines how human lips move when they speak with the help of AI, the sound of what you speak won’t be recorded. All this is because, Google wants that in future its mechanism can easily guess what people are saying just by reading the facial expressions and speak out loud in the place of a person. The most impressive part is that there is no such use of any special motion tracking device, the feature will only be using your camera- the technology has flung at quite a distant in last few years.

Who knows that maybe later Google can plan to include more songs, but for now LipSync feels to be like a strike. Though it is finite and as easy as one can know, giving it a try might just give you a sense of what Google is up to.

Perhaps Lipsync cannot be that much useful for you, but maybe for the people with ALS or some other kind of disorders, this feature of Google can be really helpful as it will track their facial expressions and perceive what they are trying to speak.  In short, this can be the voice of those who can’t speak.

Give yourself a chance, your 1 minute can help hundreds. Just a click away!  

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