Google to Finally Introduce Darker Theme for its Search Engine

It is in the rumors that Google will soon introduce a darker mode for its search engine. Google was already compatible with the dark mode, however that could not be applied everywhere in the searches. But Google has now been working on introducing the black theme for a while and  the results would soon appear on a similar background.

Google also has confirmed that they have tested the dark mode for its various search results which was not possible before. But now it can be used finally.

So when the new feature will finally roll out, people will be able to use the dark mode in their systems. All they have to do is to log into their system settings and go on the customization option, then they would have to click on the colors option and enable the dark mode. This way, their search results will appear on a dark mode background.

When will the new feature roll-out, it is still in question. However, Google has released a new official statement saying that they have been constantly testing this new dark theme mode feature for the search results since December 2020. They have been constantly trying to improve the search result experience for the users so that it will be ready for the dark background. The only issue that has been seen here is that search ads are hard to distinguish in the dark mode background which is easily visible in light theme. But one can easily switch between the themes as per they like.

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