Google Play Music is about to become history. It’s time for YouTube Music

Are you habituated playing music on Google Play Music? Time has come to transfer your music library to YouTube Music before December 2020.

To know why and how – Read the article till the end.

Who doesn’t know Google? Google and its products are famous among billions of users. Google Play Music is the default audio player in every Android device, and it shows the popularity of the app. 

Google has two music streaming platforms- Google Play Music (launched in 2011) and YouTube Music (debuted in 2015).

Now Google Play Music is going to shut down, and YouTube Music will take its place. The merger process between Google Play Music and YouTube has been under process since some time, and finally, they have announced that Google Play Music will be officially taken over by the end of December 2020.

Now, prior to that users are requested to transfer their favourite music libraries to YouTube from Google Play Music.

YouTube Music, otherwise known as YT music, is a combination of YouTube and Play Music, so it lacks the perfect performance of YouTube and Play Music. But with time, it will definitely rectify the issues and come up with an excellent service in an audio player.

How to switch to YouTube Music?

By the end of this August, you won’t be able to pre-order, purchase, download or upload music through Google Play Music. So you have to switch to YouTube Music for better and uninterrupted services.

Transferring your data from one platform to another takes some time. You can switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music in different ways. You can use a web browser on your computer or can even simply use an Android device or iPhone. The transfer process happens in the background, so once the process starts, you can even listen to your favourite music until a notification pops up with a complete process message.

Using a web browser

Go to on your PC or mobile device web browser. Click on the transfer button and chill. The system sends an email notification once the transfer is complete.

Using a Smartphone

Open the YouTube Music app and tap on your profile picture. Go to settings – Transfer – Transfer from Google Play Music.

You will receive a notification via email when the transfer is complete.

Things to know

·        To migrate music from Google Play Music to YouTube music- you have to create a YouTube channel if you don’t have one.

·        A small size library takes a few minutes to complete, whereas a larger music library may take hours.

·        The transfer happens in the background so you can minimize the tab or close the app for the meantime.

After transferring the library to YouTube music you still can enjoy Google Play Music till December end, but I suggest you to start using YouTube Music right away and get habituated to your new audio mate.

The amount you pay for Google Play Music subscription will remain the same for YouTube Music.

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