Google Photos adds crowdsourcing tool and ask users to train its AI

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It’s your chance to be a teacher of machine learning class and train the Google algorithms with the latest trends on photos. Google photos asking your help, it’s a big deal right? So, why not be a part of it and help improve its algorithm.

Earlier the survey involved different questions with option of yes, no or not sure in order to have a refined facial recognition thereby grouping the same face under same profile. Adding on to this, the app later involved another survey related to things, confirming whether assumption about the few of them are accurate or not just by looking at the picture.

Google photos are now trying to get its algorithm upgraded by requesting its user’s assistance in labelling the images from the start. No such price on helping things out, teach its AI so that the final results of the object and image recognition can give a better experience to all.

What all learning Google’s algorithm demands

Google wants to understand what’s important for you among all photos. The screen of “Understanding your photos” present the pictures from your gallery with the date on the top-right corner. Other option that you will be asked about is the “type in what’s important,” which you can skip and progress by clicking a bar below.

After filling the above, you can improve some of the following aspects of the app-

  • With “Understanding the photos”, the AI will learn what’s important to its users
  • Printing preferences with help to understand which photos the user’s would like to print
  • “Made for you” will help to create perfect collage, animation and many more
  • Holiday photos will give an understanding about which photos show a specific event or holiday.

Along with this, Google also wants the bundle of images of any particular thing at its different angles and distances under varied lightening conditions with or without anything nearby, these set of data can be collected through which engineers could build an algorithm for a better update on the app.

take a step to teach the algorithm of google some steps so it can upgrade itself according to you

Also, the label is required with the image to train an algorithm, which is why the latest photo survey is being done.

Step up to fill out the survey

You can participate just by tapping on this new button on the Research tab that you can find at the bottom of the page. The users are now prompted to indicate which photos are “important to you”, which photos you wish to print, indicating the beauty or the kind of animation or collages and which photos are related to certain holidays and festivals.  

For now, only the android users will be able to fill in the survey. The Crowdsource for recommendations can take a while to show an effect on your account but this will help to improve and create features, like high quality creations and more.

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