Google Nest Wi-Fi axes Google Wi-Fi App: Users instructed to follow the suit

The Google home app will now house all of the devices in one place. Since, Nest Wi-Fi was already a part of Google home app this transition wouldn’t be much of a hustle. The existing Google Wi-Fi users will just have to fall in line with the migration. 

When will the transitions take place? 

From May 25th, 2021; Google Wi-Fi users will now be able to add new devices to their Google Home app; following which in July, Google will withdraw the use of Google Wi-Fi app from the market. Subsequently, the users will have to opt for Google Home App services for system controls. The users have to follow specific instructions to import the google Wi-Fi network.Those having an access to both Google Nest Wi-Fi and Google Wi-Fi can merge the network for their convenience.

What are the benefits rendered with the transition? 

Improved Video conference on Google meet, additional Wi-Fi features, Google assistance integration, voice support, network pauses, Chromecast, app updates in the future, tracking the speed of the network devices can be expected in these future updates. 

With the Nest Wi-Fi, Google is re-branding it’s Wi-Fi system and creating a mesh network that expands coverage area. It’s attractions also include a built in microphone, speaker, and multiple color options. 

Although, the users have to bear in mind that the transition wouldn’t be as cost-effective for Google Nest Wi-Fi rates scale higher than Google Wi-Fi. But, with the users being pressed with no choice the transition is more of a next step in progress.

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