Google is set to offer high-end games on your screen with Stadia

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In this Era of technological innovations where everything challenging seems to be possible with Google’s ambitious developers. Google is bringing gaming business into a different zone where you do not need to have specialized hardware or any specifications needed to play a particular game. All you need is a laptop or any other screen, a google chrome browser and up to 10mbps internet speed. Google also announced that its cloud services will be accessible through iPads , iPhones in near future through upcoming web app

All you need to know about STADIA

With Stadia that is a cloud gaming service which is developed and operated by Google, has a feature of streaming video games up to 4k resolutions at 60fps (frames per second). Stadia is accessible through various platforms like Google chrome web browser on PC’s , chromecast TV, pixel smartphones , some supported smartphones like Oneplus, Samsung, Asus and others.

take full advantage of cloud gaming service and play instantly across the devices

400 new games are on their way to Stadia cloud service

Jack Buser, the service’s director of games told in a meeting with MobileSyrup that all the 400 games are lined up for this year or may be extended to another year if required. There are 200 developers which are working on developing these games. On the questionnaire about the services of Stadia, Buser said that middle-aged people who have left gaming because of many limitations regarding hardware specializations or money accounted to use other applications cost them too much, But with Stadia they do not need to pay anything and apart from that they are given 30 free games. And if they pay $10 on monthly basis, they can have those games for lifetime. So, all in all it’s a good deal for everyone.

Google plans to announce all the information related to games that are being added in later times.

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