Google introduces changes to search engine & Google Shopping

The dawn of holiday season shopping is right around the corner. To make it more convenient for retailers looking to promote its holiday deals, Google has introduced significant changes in its search engine and several other tools. Consumers using Google Search can easily find out the best of deals for them in a matter of seconds.

The search giant has reportedly revealed that 40 percent of the worldwide shoppers across the globe turned to Google to search for the best possible deals. At the same time, consumers were also comparing the products from different platforms before making a purchase. The 2020 pandemic has led to people to stay at home and order almost everything online. Retailers are turning to Google’s world-class analytics to meet up with the demand of the consumers who are looking forward to the season of festivity.

The new move from Google also points out the search giant’s action for using Google Shopping. By the looks of it, Google Shopping is a shopping hub that would aid consumers to compare price and get notifications of said deals to their smartphones.

Google Shopping Features:

According to Google, the shopping hub will benefit consumers and retailers during the upcoming holiday season.

Changes for Consumers

Price Tracking: Google finally adds the most sought-after feature that would allow consumers to track prices of their desired product via Google App or Gmail.

Price Comparison: Consumers can seamlessly detect if the price of their desired product is high or low by comparing the said products in other online shopping platforms.

Benefits for Retailers

Merchant Marketing/Promotions: As Merchant promotions made its debut in the US market, Google is working towards making merchant promotions seamless. The search giant will speed up the process of approval due to the forthcoming holiday season.

Recreated Smart Shopping goal:

Beta users can get their hand on the newly introduced Smart Shopping campaigns with customer acquisition goals. Advertisers dig in!

Google’s New Shopping Reports:

Google Ads Report Editor has introduced insights to auction metrics. This would tremendously benefit shopping campaigns.

In addition to these changes, Google has also introduced massive improvements to the Search option. As per sources, users can identify single-most passages directly on websites which would surface relevant content among search results. With these new initiatives, Google is providing retailers to gain visibility on the internet. Further, this would help consumers to get directly in touch with retailers and the deals they offer during the holiday season.

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