Google Introduces a New Feature on Assistant: Memory

If you’re already using Google Assistant, then you’re soon about to enjoy an upgrade in the app. The voice assistant has now been trained to remember things you like and things you do. Thus, its functioning will be more personalized. Known as the Assistant Memory, the feature derives its inspiration from Pinterest.

What Can Google Assistant Memory Do For You?

So far, you’ve been operating the voice assistant by giving commands after saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. While you’ll continue to do the same, the Assistant Memory is going to save every detail of it. So, the next time you ask for something, you’ll get better filtering options, highlights of your past searches and interesting formats of display.

This Memory tends to remember literally everything. These include:

  • Movies and TV shows you watch
  • Books and articles you read
  • Images, places, restaurants, recipes and other information you search for
  • Music you listen to
  • Screenshots you take
  • Bookings you’ve made for flights or hotel stays
  • Screenshots that you take
  • Reminders that you set
  • Items that you order online

So, how does this enhance your usage?

As Google remembers everything you do, it’ll form a to-do-list of your activities that’ll improve your reminder settings. You’ll get plenty of shortcuts for stuff like tracking your orders, watching trailers or taking screenshots. You can see images the way you see on Pinterest (board-style) and get a pocket-style reading list.

Google is yet to release this feature soon, which will enhance your experience of using it. If you’re using the feature, you’ll get the update once it releases.

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