Google Experiments With Machine Learning Again- Creates Blob Opera

Google, in yet another of its machine learning experiments, has come up with ‘Blob Opera’. This is a  tool that can sing Opera and allow users to compose their own music.

Users can compose songs without having any technical knowledge of music, thanks to the machine learning used in Blob Opera

The interactive tool features colorful blobs, which drop one by one singing a different section of the opera song onto the user’s screen. Users have to merely shift the blobs up and down or back and forth in order to change the volume and pitch. The eyes of the blob follow the cursor and users have the option to mute any blob if they want to with just a click. If the users have clicked on the ‘record’, then the tool will simultaneously record the composition. 

In case users don’t want to compose opera, then they can toggle the switch for holiday music. This feature provides an array of songs. Users can click on any song and the blobs will commence singing (they also wear Santa hats owing to the festive season). Users can then play around with the sliders in order to modify the songs. Clicking on ‘stop’ will put an end to it. 

To bring this experiment into fruition, four real-time singers- Frederick Tong (bass), Olivia Doutney (soprano), Christian Joel (tenor), and Joanna Gamble (mezzo‑soprano), have lent their voices. 

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