Google Chrome Updates Antivirus Bug Patch For Window 10 Users

For the past few years, Google Chrome has been facing criticism for its lack of a security system to prevent malware attacks. Google introduced a new update for the bug in Chromium and other browsers, which affects browsers while the antivirus is running. This bug only impacted Windows 10 OS.

Google fixes an antivirus software bug in Google Chrome Browser that impacted Windows 10 system

The programming expert at Google, Bruce Dawson, stated that the antivirus software temporarily locks new files and downloads. It then scans them for viruses. Moreover, it creates frequent issues with saving bookmarks and files that use the JavaScript function of ‘’ImportantFileWriter’. Specifically, this created issues for individuals using Windows OS while saving files. This is due to the browser’s incapability of creating new corresponding files. The latest Chromium update iterates the ‘ReplaceFile’ function multiple times. It also creates duplicate versions of old files and then replaces them with new files. This gives users a smoother surfing experience while at the same time providing security against malware. Also, the number of retries while saving will be recorded for future use to help developers come up with more permanent and stable solutions.

Chromium, an open-source browser, provides a platform for testing new updates. Furthermore, it provides developers with an environment to work on new browsers. Therefore, the successfully tested features have high chances of getting rolled out to other subsidiaries as well. The changes implemented are likely to be updated on other projects such as Microsoft Edge, and different versions outside the Chromium environment.

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