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Google Chrome is a feature-rich browser that gives maximum flexibility to its users. Some of Chrome’s essential features are saved passwords, search history, payment methods, clear cache, among others. Even if these features are available on other platforms, Google Chrome’s suite of features like Incognito mode, auto-language translation makes the browser stand apart from the competitors. These features make Chrome stand apart from their competitors, and they are practically beneficial to Chrome users. The search giant recently unveiled Chrome Actions making the browser seamless than ever.

According to Google, Chrome Actions are shortcuts, further making the browser more uncomplicated and quicker to navigate. Users have to type in commands in Google’s address bar in a few steps. Google has planned to release Chrome Actions on the forthcoming Chrome 87. Additionally, Google has also assured that some users might be able to use Chrome Actions sooner than others.

What is Google’s Chrome Actions?

Chrome Actions, the shortcuts introduced by Google are the commands when typed, will redirect to Google’s tools. Users can now eliminate how they can navigate Google Chrome’s tools and functionalities alongside the browser’s settings.

In order to utilize Google Chrome Actions, you could open a window in Google Chrome. Further, type in action located on the browser’s address bar. When users press enter, they will be redirected to the desired settings page of Chrome.

How to use Chrome Actions?

At the time of writing, Google has unveiled just six specific actions that users can type on the navigation bar. Let’s dig in the six Chrome Actions:

Managing Passwords: Users can either type ‘edit passwords’ or update credentials into Google’s address bar to activate the action. Then they’d have to click on the result.

Updating Chrome: Longtime Chrome users always like to have an updated version of the browser as it introduces new features and offers a better experience. Users looking forward to updating Chrome can either type ‘update Google Chrome’ or ‘Update Browser’ on the address bar.

Translate any page: Google Translate is one of the best translation software available for free. By the looks of it, Chrome is embedded with Google Translate and makes viewing web pages an absolute delight for the users. Typing ‘translate this’ or ‘translate this page’ will do the trick.

Manage payment options: Typing ‘edit credit card’ or ‘update card info’ on the address bar can open the payment settings page.

Clearing browsing data or history: Users can type ‘delete history,’ ‘wipe cookies,’ or ‘clear cache’ to make the action happen.

Open an Incognito Window: On the address bar, typing ‘launch incognito mode’ or ‘incognito’ will open a new Incognito Window.

Google will release Chrome Action on Chrome Canary or v87 at first, and then it will be rolled out to other versions.

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