Google Chrome Expands Browser Cache- Makes It More Secure

Google addressed security issues by introducing a site-specific cache for the Chrome browser. The tech giant is testing a new cache feature to increase the performance of Google Chrome by extending the cache’s size by 2 or 3 times. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in the cache hit rate and the load timing.

Shivani Sharma and Josh Carlin, the Engineers at Google’s Chrome, stated that having a cache at a single place can expose the browser for the side-channel attack. This type of attack occurs when one site can detect the resources of other sites by checking its cache. Although it may not seem harmful, it can access your contacts and inbox contents.

The site-specific cache feature was first tested on Google Chrome 85

The site-specific feature generates a unique cache for each site an individual visits, rather than having a unified heap in a single place. This prevents other sites from accessing the cache, thereby increasing the security. Unfortunately, this lowers the performance of the browser.

Chrome is high on memory use. Hence, Google is trying to limit its Random Access Memory (RAM) consumption. Now that the cache is separated, they are trying to increase the cache size to see if it improves performance. The new cache feature will be tested on Canary, Beta, and Web Dev build users. The test is yet waiting for approval, but will be soon be available for beta users.

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