Google camera rolling out new updates for pixel series

Smartphones are being updated day after day. Earlier, there was a time when smartphone cameras had no place in the field of good photography, but things are changing with due course of time. These days, smartphone cameras are becoming more proficient in capturing pictures with excellent quality. While, no one can replace DSLR, smartphone cameras are taking their own crucial place in the market.

It is often said that the best camera is always the one that’s in your hands. This is actually true as the best camera i.e. the smartphone camera is the one that is always in our hands. A professional photographer can leave his gear behind some or the other time when he doesn’t expect shooting but no one intentionally leaves behind his/her smartphone home.  

Pixel users, Time to get updated!

Speaking about taking snaps, very astonishing news for photographers and selfie lovers- Google has broadened your way to capture the beauty you see. A new update for Google camera app is going be unfolded by Google, which will bring the very new Pixel 5 camera UI to older Pixel phones.  

Also, the Google camera 8.1 update will be rolling out its new features that Google debuted on the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5 Night Sight portrait mode, Cinematic pan, and more.

Along with these new features, Google Camera 8.0 also brought a revamped UI with new clicks, a quick zoom toggles, access toggles to video modes, etc. But, the sad news is that these new features and UI will be bounded to Google’s latest Pixel devices only.

While it has been possible to install a new version of the Google Camera app on older Pixel phones, but the process of doing same with v8.0 wasn’t an apple’s pie, it required factory reset. Because of this troublesome, many Pixel owners put themselves off from buying the Pixel 5 version of the Google Camera app.

Google camera 8.1 will now be in older pixels with new features including cinematic pan

Camera 8.1 with new UI

Thankfully, google gave up its shot on time, by bringing the new Google Camera 8.1 with the same new UI to all Pixel phones that includes the Pixel 2 series.

Currently, the process seems to be quite slow from Google’s side, with a few reports from Pixel 4 owners on the web about the Google Camera 8.1 update and the new UI.

For now, it is still under the clouds that the Google Camera 8.1 update will bring any of the other new Pixel 5 camera features like Night Sight portrait mode to older Pixels or not.

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