Google Drive new update: Support for encrypted files

In today’s technological friendly world, cloud has become extremely important for our digital needs and professional lifestyle, it gives access to the files from wherever and whenever it is needed unlike hard drives and other malfunction creating old school devices. It is undoubtedly cost efficient, convenient and synchronized. But often cloud is being questioned for its data security. You will be wondering how this could happen as it is placed on cloud. Well, all the apps doesn’t have the built-in encryption service available to protect your files which might get problematic to you at some or the other point of time. It is always recommended to use security measures like encryption and decryption of data to make sure every single piece of information is safe. But we were devoid of this feature over cloud. This controversy has been there in the market since cloud storage came into the picture of digital world. But no need to worry anymore now!

Here comes another effort made by Google

Google, with its continuous updates, is trying to make our work much easier and efficient. The company will soon be launching a feature that will let Drive users to download and open encrypted files, particularly documents marked to be offline. This feature is for Android version 2.20.441.06.40. it is heard that with this feature, users will be able to decrypt the files as well, according to their convenience. You can protect your files via strong passwords for Google drive and also, enabling of 2FA (2 factor authentication), can be done for extra security which nowadays, is the most used protection app.

Encryption still under the shadow

There is an old and famous saying, every cloud has a silver lining. This phrase is evidently suitable here as there are no details available about how this encryption would work. And as soon as the settings will be changed the updating of the file copies saved, deleted. For enabling this feature you would need to pay as well. This is working recently for the paid VPN only, making it work effectively.

But, there are still many positivity’s that can not be hidden because of some cons. Despite of few shortcomings, it is offering a way pie better solution than ever which has apparently became a basic necessity as no one would ever want to experience data security breach in their lives.

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