Get ready for Android 11 update: it will allow most phones to enable Android Auto wirelessly- no need to pull out your phone

You can now hit the road connecting your android phone to Android Auto wirelessly. Connect your phone to your car display and get driving direction or text someone. 

Google’s Android support page now shows exciting news for android users. You can now wirelessly connect your smartphone with Android 11 to the car head- but with a twist. It needs WiFi support with 5GHz protocols: which is not common in every WiFi router.

Google added Android Auto’s wireless connection facility in 2018 for the very first time. Google’s android Auto has proved that it is the best companion for car drivers – you can simply plug in your phone with a USB cable to link it up to the dashboard of your car and get many of your important activities done via it. You can get help from Google Assistant, use the navigation tool to get directed to your destination, make calls or use chat applications with your voice and listen to your favourite music.

Google has one more version that lets you connect without wire with your car stereo, but this feature is limited to Samsung and Google mobile devices. 

And now with the latest update if you have an Android 11 smartphone, then you can seamlessly connect with your car dashboard cable-free.

Below is a screenshot from Google support page related to Android Auto update for wireless connection with cars.

What are the limitations?

  • You need to have both a phone and Android Auto head unit with 5GHz WiFi.
  • If you belong to Russia or Japan you can’t have access to this new feature for now- Google says, these two countries don’t support wireless feature of Android Auto.
  • In the EU the use of the 5GHz frequency needs some additional compliance with regulators.

Google has indicated that many phones will be benefited with this new update of Android Auto like Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Oneplus and many more.

Another interesting thing is that BMW has just started producing wireless Android Auto support and this update will give the BMW owners an immense experience. 

If you have a 5GHz frequency WiFi and you don’t belong to the restricted area, you can now enjoy the seamless features of Google’s Android Auto with the next update Android 11.0 . The company claimed that Android Auto is on track and more than 100 million cars will be facilitated by the new feature shortly. Now you can set to receive a host of new features that will help you with navigation, electric vehicle charging, music, calls and many more.

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