Fort Bragg deactivates Twitter account after a string bizarre & explicit tweets

One of the massive military installations around the globe, Fort Bragg shut down its Twitter account after posting a series of explicit, sexual tweets directed towards a woman. The home to United States’ XVIII Airborne Corps & Special Operations Command announced that the account was taken over by hackers and they were unaware of the tweets.

Col. Joe Buccino from the notable US installation released a statement on Twitter, that everyone is aware of the series of bizarre Tweets which came from the official account. The representative further stated that none of their admins is responsible for these tweets. Further, he shared that their account was hacked and at the same time they also apologized to their followers. At the time of writing, Fort Bragg officials have gained access to their Twitter account and are currently investigating the hack.

Buccino further stated that the hacking of accounts invokes a sense of danger in the era of digitalization. They aren’t sure how the account was hacked; however, the perpetrator must have guessed the password which allowed him to gain access to the account.

Sometime on Wednesday afternoon this week, someone from Fort Bragg’s Twitter account started replying on OnlyFans to a pornographic content creator. According to sources, the military base’s account replied to a tweet stating that they are confused and displeased with the content. Additionally, the military base’s Twitter account also suggested the adult-content creator plant a long kiss, which other users felt atrocious. Later at approximately 5:30 PM, Ft Bragg’s account was deactivated.

The adult-content creator having pseudonym Quinn Finite gave a sarcastic reply to the account by saying “Someone come get their fort.” This was a discomforting thing to see on the internet which irked many Twitter users. Quinn Finite remarked that the incident was wild and revealed to the media that she’s disappointed about the removal of the sexual tweets. In addition to this, Quinn Finite also thought that the tweets by Ft. Bragg should’ve been celebrated rather than getting backlash.

Quinn further added that this is by far one of the bold moves the military base has pulled since it came into being. This incident became a recent eminent hack on the military base’s site. An investigative report present by New York regulators in the previous week suggests hackers who have accessed the Twitter accounts of personalities like Elon Musk, Joe Biden, as well as Cupertino tech giant Apple has reportedly got entry into the internal systems of Twitter. These cybercriminals are disguising themselves as IT officials who only make support calls. In the past, Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg were allegedly hacked as well.

In 2020, this isn’t the first time that one of the military bases in the US was put into crosshair for the comment on Coronavirus Pandemic. One of the unflattering moments was when the United States Army took it to Instagram and wrote “Why did men eat a bat?” indirectly pointing out that the Chinese are responsible for the spreading of Coronavirus.

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