For all students: AI-assisted Virtual Teachers at the rescue

The sudden outbreak has led to many social and political changes as well as an enormous negative impact on the economy, health, and security. The employees and students are being compelled to work and study remotely for safety reasons. But, no doubt Artificial Intelligence is helping a lot during these tough times. Lately, there has been fuzz around how AI has been slowly covering over the human race. The truth is AI is an opportunity for major improvement and growth. Technology with its tech gadgets and digitalization is making it possible for today’s generation to somehow ease the burden of humans and allow them to work remotely. Because of AI and data science, many different sectors are able to have a smooth workflow in almost every field. This time AI has entered into the educational sector as well.

The integration of AI in teaching

Because of the pandemic, every other country has experienced a revolutionary complete or partial lockdown globally which has led to the immediate shutdown of universities and schools. The age of online learning has created a lot of workload on teachers, so to simplify their pressure Artificial Intelligence-driven teaching assistants are coming up into the play. With the elevation in the online education system, technology has emerged a new type of teacher- the artificial one. However, this can be floated in the world of teaching only if virtual machines are operative and interface smoothly that the society could accept at a wide range.

But, the reaction of students towards AI-instructor and their acceptance is yet to be noticed. According to the understanding of students towards AI teachers, computer experts and engineers could get ease on how to integrate it into the education experience.

A new type of teaching in a play based on Artificial Intelligence

What all AI teaching assistants can do?

Many questions arise when it comes to virtual teachers like could AI be a good replacement for teachers? How AI can be helpful in the classroom? Can students cope up well with this new way of learning? It’s highly doubtful that AI could ever take place of a teacher but it may do give relief by making their tasks much easier like analyzing student engagement, classroom behavior, grading paper.

The virtual teaching assistants can help teachers in responding to frequently asked questions by students. It could become a heavy task for teachers to answer the hundreds of students the same question again and again which often appears each semester and become a lot in online classes. The instant delivery to answers can save time and help the students to grab quickly.

One such example of an AI teaching assistant is Jill Watson which was made by a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Many commonly asked questions and answers were fed to Jill by which it could teach for many years. Surprisingly, after some addons of learning and tweaks, Jill was able to answer all the students’ commonly asked questions correctly with zero assistance from humans.

After a few surveys, researchers found a quite positive response from the student’s side about an AI teaching assistant. Through which teachers will get more time to meet students and build up teaching strategies to help student learning in meaningful ways.

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