First future-oriented secured step by BMW towards AI: 7 Code of Ethics

As the world is sprouting, the waves of data is increasing. To tackle this large amount of data, the advancement has already blessed us all with sensors and internet of things (IoT) while Artificial Intelligence decodes the data with some encrypted patterns and automates the tasks for several business benefits. And nothing to doubt that with the world leaning towards technology, the use of AI has been increased to enhance the efficiency of our workplaces and also to multiply the work that humans can do. Movies like The Terminator, Matrix, and Star Trek etc. are all based on Artificial Intelligence.

Watching these movies some have made perceptions that AI will become the demise of the human race but many are standing up to brush off such claims. What is happening… is happening, some real concerns just cannot be ignored, so why not be a little prepared for what the future will bring?

Some companies who are working with AI are taking concerns and have also taken some initiative. One such company is BMW who has taken its first step to writing a code of ethics for the company to have a secure future. BMW Group is already based on AI to enhance and add value to customers, employees, products, and processes. According to the head of “Project AI” their focal point will always be on people. All the AI-based applications in the company are stepping towards expansion quite cautiously taking all the future risks under consideration.

It is later known that the company has decided to actively participate in the European Commission’s ongoing consultation process. BMW, with few other companies, will be actively working towards shaping and developing some set of rules for working with AI and

The BMW Group has built up seven of its basic principles that frame out the use of AI within the company. These are not permanent lines, i.e. can be redrawn and adapted as per the requirement. This initiative can cover up the way for stretching the use of AI and escalating awareness to carefully go on with AI technologies.

Let’s have a tour of 7 code of ethics taken by BMW:

  • Human agency and oversight.

The BMW Group implements appropriate human monitoring of decisions made by AI applications and considers possible ways that humans can overrule algorithmic decisions.

  • Technical robustness and safety.

The BMW Group aims to develop robust AI applications and observes the applicable safety standards designed to decrease the risk of unintended consequences and errors.

  • Privacy and data governance.

The BMW Group extends its state-of-the-art data privacy and data security measures to cover storage and processing in AI applications.

  • Transparency.

The BMW Group aims for explainability of AI applications and open communication where respective technologies are used.

  • Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness.

The BMW Group respects human dignity and therefore sets out to build fair AI applications. This includes preventing non-compliance by AI applications.

  • Environmental and societal well-being.

The BMW Group is committed to developing and using AI applications that promote the well-being of customers, employees and partners. This aligns with the BMW Group’s goals in the areas of human rights and sustainability, which includes climate change and environmental protection.

  • Accountability.

The BMW Group’s AI applications should be implemented so they work responsibly. The BMW Group will identify, assess, report and mitigate risks, in accordance with good corporate governance.

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