Facts about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence acts as a Boon to the Humankind

“And, if you’ve ever wondered what do you mean by Artificial intelligence and its facts, here’s everything you need to know.”

Artificial intelligence is the demonstration to train the machines to think and act like humans with decision making skills. With minor changes, the machines do not involve emotionality and offer the best solutions to your problems.

With the evolution in technology, AI is adopted in every field to make decisions on behalf of humans and replicate human behavior as well.

AI suggestions for Ecommerce

E-Commerce is one of the biggest platforms for purchases and investment. In a recent interview with Amazon, Ceo Jeff Bezos revealed that 90 percent of the products are recommended to the users with the help of AI. The particular needs of the users are kept in mind and determine the best deals with personalized suggestions with previous purchases.

AI-Based robots smarter than Humans

Doubtless, Almost every robot is female. For instance, Siri, Alexa, Cortana are all female robots invented by top companies with the help of AI. What is the reason for this? Studies show that male voices are comparatively less attractive than female voices. Yes, exactly!

Reports show that Sophia, one of the advanced and smartest robots invented by Saudi Arabia in 2017, with citizenship of Saudi Arabia has won many prestigious awards United Nations Development Programme’s first-ever Innovation Champion and is also the first non-human to be given any United Nation (UN) title.

With complete humanoid features, Sophia can relate and give facial expressions, maintain eye contact and can make informed decisions with provided data.

Potential growth in Medical sector

With the utilization of AI in the healthcare sector, the integration of machine learning, deep learning, and real-time data analysis, AI has helped to treat various diseases.

AI acts as a complete guide to doctors to operate the complex surgeries with capable suggestions, from detecting the disease and providing treatment with different medical approaches and predicting the results. Machine-based medical systems are developed with the help of AI along with image processing techniques and medical expert systems to act as a complete tutor to medical professionals.

AI in Cyber security

AI prevents security failures. According to the Capgemini report, Forbes states AI improves security and reduces threats, and makes decisions to protect organizations.

One of the best examples is Gmail, using machine learning techniques to filter spam emails and protect the user’s privacy, and secure the environment. With deep learning techniques and advanced real-time data analysis, The AI provides fast responses to the security alerts along with avoiding vulnerabilities and security issues.

AI to cease jobs in future

AI is more efficient than humans, which is needless to say, of course. With rapid development in science and technology, AI is providing limitless opportunities but is also disappearing jobs for future generations.

According to Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, AI is possibly a great threat to the human era. Machines are capable of doing every job with more accuracy and precision, which leaves humans with no options other than retiring from their jobs.It is estimated that AI will decrease the job opportunities by 6 percent till 2021.

Expansion in Vehicle market due to AI technologies

Automated cars are one of the hot topics today, And how is everything possible. With the Help of AI, self-driving cars will provide the best services and contribute to global economic expansion.Nvidia created its own computer for self-driving cars with AI and GPUs. 

Enterprises designing autonomous vehicles combine AI softwares, sensors and real time cameras to ensure road safety standards and provide best experience to the passengers with AI based technologies.

Along with the progress in Artificial intelligence, the reports states, the machines are comparatively faster and smarter than human beings. The test conducted by Stanford divulged that AI scored the result of 82.6 percent while humans passed the test with a difference of 82.3 percent. The minor difference between man and machine is the proof of the future with Artificial Intelligence.

From development in the field of neural networks to speech and face recognition, AI cognitive skills and decision-making capabilities will unleash the real limitless possibilities.

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