Facebook to Introduce Satire Page to Avoid Spread of Rumours

Facebook has always been a platform for sharing information. With many media and news pages opening up, some readers fail to distinguish between actual news and a mere satirical comment. This is the reason why Facebook is now introducing the “Satire Page” label to help you understand the meaning of the post content.

What is the Facebook Satire Page?

To be precise, satire page is a label that a Facebook page can get. There are pages like The Onion and The Babylon Bee that don’t actually provide you with news but rather mocks certain absurd events that are happening in the world. You may say that these pages produce a more sophisticated form of memes, where humour is intended but the presentation of the content is the form of news.

When you’re scrolling through the news feed, you’ll see the label written in tiny words right under the page name. It could either be “Official Page”, “Satire page” or “Fan Page”. This label will help you understand if you’re looking at a genuine announcement or news, a mockery or comment or a fan-made theory of the subject.

The page itself gets to add this label for themselves so that Facebook can avoid giving a wrong label to anyone by mistake.

Has the Satire Page Rolled Out Already?

As of now, Facebook is still testing the feature in the USA. So, Facebook users in other countries will not be getting this feature as of now. Upon verifying the working of this new feature, Facebook will roll it out officially to users around the globe. However, as of now, we don’t know the exact date of such a release.

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