Facebook Lets Users Control the Content on Their News Feed

Lately, we’ve seen Facebook turn into a marketplace where we view content based on their algorithm. That leads to getting a lot of promotional content and sometimes even negative and harmful content on the news feed.

We initially joined Facebook to get updates on our friends and discover content that interests us. In order to bring it back, the social media platform now allows you to turn off their algorithm and gain control over your news feed. This means you can now control the content you want to see on your news feed.

How Can You Control Your Facebook News Feed?

Your news feed will be having a filter bar. This will allow you to switch from algorithmic ranking to viewing content in the chronological order of posting. You can add up to 30 Favourite friends and pages. These “Favourites” will be given priority on your news feed over others too.

If you find a post from a new page, you’ll have the option to check “why you’re seeing this”. This will help you understand their ranking algorithm too.

The vice president of Facebook, Nick Clegg says that the news feed algorithm too is driven by users only. Even though it has faced criticism for being opaque and polarized, it works on customizing every individual news feed on the basis of the user’s tastes and preferences.

In the end, the choice is yours. You can either continue using the Facebook algorithm with better understanding or turn it off for your news feed.

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