Facebook launching its smartglasses: A blend of Technology and brand

Image source: Facebook

As the matter of fact, Smartphones are those remarkable devices that are moving each step ahead with the flowing time. And, during these pandemic times there usability is even elevating constantly. Even, millions of people are getting highly active on social media platforms like Facebook just through smartphones.

Speaking of Facebook, let’s see what update we got for you-

Facebook has been working on a research project Aria which covers all the understanding about how building the software and hardware necessary for AR glasses that will swing all the data in from of your eyes. These smartglasses will be embraced with sensors to encapsulate all videos as well as audios. The glasses will be storing all the information till it is uploaded to the separate, designated back-end storage systems, a perfect example of augmented reality!

From its idealization to realization, Project Aria was designed as a path to help us move one step ahead towards innovation cautiously with liability. 

Basically, Facebook is trying to vision a time when we will all have the profit of connectivity, without keeping our heads down constantly while looking at a device.

To implement this, Facebook CEO Marks Zuckerberg partnered with Ray Ban-sunglasses manufacturer, to blend the technologies with a brand. Facebook announced on Wednesday that next year it would be launching these smartglasses that can be easily connected to smartphones as part of an association with eyewear titan EssilorLuxottica.

According to Zuckerberg, the experiments are still going on glasses, by the engineers and technicians. The devices will even help in navigations, capturing pictures or finding any of your lost things like any of your car keys.

When we talk about floating data…we doubt about privacy!

Around 100 people are involved in this testing operation, primarily in San Francisco and Seattle areas. The recording by researchers will only be from Facebook offices, their homes or public spaces avoiding venues like stores, restaurants etc. unless any written permission is not taken from the organization.

Zuckerberg also declared that the second-generation Oculus Quest head gear has been updated to more lighter, powerful, orders will be available at a price lower than its forerunner which is $299. The part 2 version will start shipping from Oct. 13.

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