Facebook Introduces New Virtual Assistant for its Devices

Currently, the 3 voice assistants that are popular in use are Siri, Google and Alexa. Now, Facebook is introducing a 4th one, which you operate with the wake command “Hey Facebook”. The devices where this virtual assistant works are Portal and Oculus Quest.

On Thursday, 25th February, Facebook announced that these devices will be updated with its new voice command. It will work if your microphone is on – you don’t need to press any button to activate it.

What Can Happen When You Say “Hey Facebook”?

The new Facebook voice assistant will do anything you say after saying “Hey Facebook”. Mostly, you can perform basic functions like taking screenshots, checking notifications or asking who’s currently online.

You could say that Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa do have a lot more functionality, given they’re operational on mobile phones and smart speakers too.

Meanwhile, the “Hey Facebook” is only there for the company’s tablet “Portal” and VR headset Oculus Quest.

One major difference between Facebook’s virtual assistant and the other 3 is that Facebook’s assistant has no voice. It surely detects your voice and follows instructions. However, it won’t talk to you the way Siri, Alexa or Google does.

Another difference is that you don’t need to press any button to say “Hey Facebook”. If the device microphone is on, it’ll hear you. The same fact does make it a little scary that Facebook could hear you all the time as long as your device microphone is on.

The fact that it has lesser functionality as well as security than Google, Siri and Alexa, raises the question – how far will the new virtual assistant go?

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