Facebook Introduces New Augmented Reality 3D Glasses

Facebook Reality Labs, which you probably know by its old name, Oculus is introducing a brand new augmented reality device – 3D glasses. These enable you to get what you want. They’re easy to use, comfortable to wear, highly functional and extremely safe when it comes to securing your privacy.

Apparently, you can walk into a café or outlet virtually and place an order with these glasses. Let’s see how.

How do the Augmented Reality 3D Glasses Work?

The glasses come with a soft wristband that you need to wear. It has a voice assistant that’ll help you get perform any task. Let’s suppose you’re going to one of your regular places for coffee. The moment you walk in, it can ask you to place your regular order. Additionally, you’ll be getting a pair of haptic gloves that you can use to access a virtual keyboard.

Other features of this cool device include special in-ear monitors for noise cancellation, hand tracking cameras, eye tracking technology and microphone array.

The technology it uses to navigate your movement is electromyography, where electrical signals travel from your spine to your wrist. In short, these glasses will be able to detect a simple movement like lifting up your finger.

Other things that you can do with these glasses include making calls, setting reminders and gaining access to maps – all without having to open your laptop or mobile phone. All you really need to do first is connect these glasses to your phone of course and give it permission to access your contacts, location and other apps that you wish to use.

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