Instagram and messenger are inseparable now..Credit goes to Facebook

The one and only thing showing success during this pandemic is the social media platforms, as people are getting more and more connected through it and spending their at most precious times using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more. Observing this, since last few months Facebook has been trying to improve further by giving as many updates as it can to ease the user usage. Since Facebook is now connected with whatsapp and Instagram, all the sharing of stories and posts have become much easier as compared from earlier.

After its watch together feature, this time Facebook has taken a big step forward for its effortless usage. What we all were awaiting for is here now! Facebook has finally united Instagram direct messaging and Facebook messenger. The feature is under the sight of all starting today. No more trouble of chatting to friends on Instagram and then differently on Facebook. Facebook users are now free to chat as much as they want with Instagram users and vice versa. Messaging along with sharing images has now come up with the updated feature on Instagram which was on messenger, the user just needs to swipe for replying, and but obviously with additions of more emojis and colorful chats.

The most notable thing is the icon that Instagram used to have- the one with the paper airplane is now been replaced with the messenger logo in a motive to link up all its chat platforms like Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp. Also, the Facebook CEO- Marks Zuckerberg is planning to make the user chats more secured by using Whatsapp end-to-end encryption.

The best thing of all about this update is that users will now have all the right to choose, control or manage their own privacy involving the location where they want to keep the message request like chat list or any request folder.

After all these good news there comes a bad news for some, Facebook has declared to remove its four main applications Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger from “Tizen” store fully, in result knocking down the store and the Samsung UI.

Those with the Tizen smartphones who have earlier installed Facebook applications will not be in a work-on mode now, in case a user tries to open up whatsapp the message pop-up arrives that the phone is no longer supported…

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