Everything You need to Know About Youtube Shorts!

America-based video-sharing platform-Youtube announced shorts, similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels in the United States. Youtube shorts were announced in September 2020 in India but now are also released in the US. The feature is in the beta version for now, and not every user can avail of the benefit out of it.

Owing to the ban on Tiktok in India, Youtube announced the feature of short videos which rapidly gained popularity and almost reached 3.5 billion likes on every video, and this explains why it decided to roll out the shorts in the US too.

Youtube introduced shorts, which allows the user to create short videos up to 60 seconds long. The latest feature is available in a short videos section with millions of tracks and more added experience. You can create Youtube shorts by using hashtags in the title or description and the short videos start to display in the youtube carousel.

Users can create and upload Youtube shorts by tapping on the create button and clicking on “create a short” and add more interactive features with tracks and filters to make the short-video more attractive. Youtube displays the most trending 10 short videos at once, and in order to trend your youtube shorts use hashtags #youtube or #youtubeshorts as well.

Alongside, the tech giant also introduced Youtube live, allowing the users to go live and directly connect to the audience. Youtube is introducing all types of new concepts for more interactivity and easy user experience in 2021.

How to create a Youtube short?

The best thing about Youtube short is that the user requires no creator experience in order to create their first Short video. It’s absolutely free to try your hands on. Editing is easy with compatibility on any mobile or device. Now you all might be wondering what makes it Youtube short and not a normal Youtube video? Well, The only requirement a user needs to follow is to make a short video of more than 5 seconds and less than 60 seconds, and your video will be classified as Youtube shorts. Easy right!

Also There are a set of rules the user needs to follow in order to classify their video as youtube short. The video must be square to vertical format. If the pixels of your videos wider than it is taller, then the video will be categorized as a normal youtube video.

The youtube shorts feature is only available to their premium users. The users can also check the traffic sources and analytics on their latest videos by clicking on analytics.

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