Do You Need the Ransomware Defender Software?

There are around 11 types of malware that can attack your computer or network. Out of these, one of the most dangerous yet sophisticated is ransomware. This is not just because it demands a handsome amount of payment from the victim, but also because not all antivirus programs can detect it in the first place. This is one of the reasons why Shield Apps created Ransomware Defender.

How to Identify a Ransomware Attack?

A ransomware will encrypt all of your files, lock you out of the system and demand a “ransom” or payment for you to get it back. It’s like the cyber criminal is hijacking your system to get the money he wants. A lot of hackers additionally blackmail you to leak all of your sensitive data too.

The ransomware can enter your system through an email attachment, an infected website or hard drive, file downloads or app downloads.. However, unlike other malware, it is comparatively more difficult to detect. And the moment it enters your system, it spreads like wildfire in your system. 

However, identifying ransomware after the damage has been done is useless. Even if you pay the money, it’s possible that your sensitive information still remains with the hackers and can be misused or leaked. Once it encrypts your files, it is too late. 

Who is More Prone to it?

Ransomware is a malware that a hacker will deliberately send into your system. He tends to benefit directly out of it, mostly financially. So, if you are an organization or a professional with a lot of sensitive data in your system, you are most likely to be a victim of ransomware attacks.

What Does Ransomware Defender Do?

Ransomware Defender is a software that is much more advanced than other antivirus programs. Its purpose is to detect ransomware from any website, attachment, file, application or external drive before you gain access to it.

How is Ransomware Defender More Efficient than Other Antivirus Programs?

The truth is that a regular antivirus cannot identify a ransomware on time. This is due to its highly sophisticated disguise. 

However, the Ransomware Defender has been designed to detect the ransomware before you download the file it is hidden in. The program won’t let you open an infected site or external drive in the first place. Neither will it allow you to download any infected files or applications.

In other words, the software is a lot more advanced than other antivirus programs. Here’s how it proves to be more efficient:

  • Capable of recognizing ransomware present in any file, app, site or external drive before it can make a move
  • Detects threats, notifies you and removes them in real-time
  • Deeply scans through all your folders
  • Provides you with advanced level internet security
  • Helps you safely erase all your infected files 

Other Ways of Keeping Your Computer Safe

The more sensitive data you have in your system, higher are your chances to be visible to a hacker. While all antivirus programs may not be efficient to detect ransomware, Ransomware Defender can detect all types of malware. Hence, here’s what you should do from your end:

  • Make sure your Ransomware Defender is active the whole time.
  • Be careful when you’re visiting a new site or inserting a drive for the first time. If you get any warnings, don’t use them.
  • Avoid downloading files or attachments from unknown emails or websites.
  • Your sensitive data needs to be encrypted by you – not a hacker. Keeping them password protected is also better.

If you have sensitive data in your system, then you need the Ransomware Defender. Along with that, you need to take precautions from your end too. After all, a ransomware attack is not usually affordable for anyone.

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