Do actions of your choice in any degree through Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill

Image Source: Virtuix

In this race of becoming something, people are getting more and more dedicated towards working up to their potential. During these hard works, people desire to have a short break on such things which can relax both their mind and body and also make them escape to different world for a time being. Many opt for painting, some for listening music’s or dancing and majority go for gaming. Some are so addicted to gaming that they get fond of every latest version and wishes to try them.

This news is especially for those gamers who are already into games of virtual reality like Half-life Alyx, released in the month of March this year accessible to all the PCs with VR headsets. The gaming was quite extensive and driven as you had to have an extra size room to roam around while playing to get compatible with the real world. So, Virtuix came up with an idea of treadmill motion solutions – Virtuix Omni One. This VR treadmill connects with your computer and gives you a spot where you can move freely in any degree you like. The design is quite familiar with the movie “Assassins Creed”. The treadmill has a diameter of about 4 feet and is attached to a haptic vest that is tied around you to understand your actions through touch. All your movements whether you sit, crouch, kneel or jump are easily read through Virtuix Omni. The player has to put a super slippery shoes to move along smoothly in the VR while at the same spot in real. No chance of getting hurt as you tie yourself into the vest first before starting the game.

This game is built up considering your space so that it fits well in any of your room i.e. fully compact and rolled up. The Virtuix Omni One comes with a VR headset and with its own game store having more than 30 titles especially developed for Virtuix hardware.  

The sad news is, such advanced gaming technology is not out yet!

The company is planning to introduce the Omni One in the mid of the upcoming year i.e. near to July 2021 and the price will be approx. $1,995 including headset. But, if you are not willing to buy it with headset- a ‘dev kit then it will be available at just half the price wherein you can just connect it to a computer for PC VR content.

This is the best suitable option to go for if you already are a VR fan as you won’t need to buy any headset and bulk of games.  

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