Discord transition: From a gaming-focused chat channel to a one-stop community space

Discord is a software that helps people from all walks of life come together in one place and form online communities. You could be a student, professional, gamer, or a business, Discord has like-minded communities for you. It was launched in 2015. The target audience was primarily gaming enthusiasts. The chat channel helped gamer’s communicate at different times while playing the game, before it and after it as well. However, now Discord intends on expanding its wings in every domain.

Relevance in today’s age

With a global pandemic hitting us and everything getting digitized, Discord extends to expand its area of operations. They don’t want to restrict themselves only to gamers. Today we cannot meet our friends, family, and colleagues in person at malls, coffee shops, and restaurants. However, we need to spend time with them and rejuvenate ourselves. Discord plays the substitute role of a virtual platform where people connect, talk, and engage with each other as per their will.

Functioning as an online social chat space

Only texting with someone does not give you that in-person connection all the time. Discord realized this and very recently in may lead the launch of a new group video chat feature for people to communicate better virtually. There is no technical knowledge needed to build your own community server on Discord. Everything is taken care of by their technical team. You can share texts, audio, images, and video to communicate with other community members. Its compatibility with major operating systems and platform compatibility has made it a popular online social space choice among people.

What things you can do now with discord?

You can create your own chat community space and decide the rules and regulations for it. Making the social space public or permission-based is also completely your personal choice. Messages can also be shared privately or in a group. It comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. All your data is owned and controlled by Discord. At the same time all security compliance, safety, and data privacy issues are to be looked at by Discord. All users have their own 4 digit differentiating usernames preceded by a #. This helps their friends find them easily. Geographic barriers are broken via the online servers, at the same time its availability in 27 different languages, breaks language and regional barriers.

The aim behind moving beyond gaming online chat channels

The CEO of Discord understood that the customers were looking for more. He started targeting people from diverse backgrounds by expanding its operations to different online spaces. Discord has a userbase of 100 million+ monthly active users. The safety, reliability, functionality, and user-friendliness of the software would make it reach a larger audience. With this aim in mind, Discord is all set to cater to all types of individuals. Their recent funding round in June raised about $100 million. Loads of new features are set to be added in the coming future. Discord is surely on its way to becoming “your place to talk”.

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