Despite Security Issue Zoom’s User Base Sees A 50% Growth

Amid COVID 19, social distancing and quarantine have become the two mantras to stay safe. When people can’t meet personally, they find the other way out to make things done and here video conferencing comes into the picture.

Among a number of video conference apps like Facetime, Hangouts, Signal, and HouseParty- American communications technology company ‘s Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) grew by 50% to over 300 million people by April 2020. Earlier 200 million people were using Zoom to attend meetings on a daily basis. After the 50% growth the number raised to 300 million.

Zoom has been caught under inspection for security and privacy issues. But it seems like the controversies haven’t affected the app’s craze among the users. Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan, a Chinese-American billionaire businessman, once whose application for a visa to the US was denied eight times. 

Founded in 2011, Zoom is apparently a young company that has come across a long way despite the security related growing pain. In March 2020 Zoom was worldwide criticised for supporting end-to-end encryption for video conferences. 

On August 31, Zoom is ready to set reports for the fiscal 2021 results. Reports say with the growing user base, Zoom has also expected non-GAAP earnings between 44 to 46 cents per share. It means total revenue will be more above $500 million.

During this pandemic situation it was widely used for distance learning, remote work and social meetings. People stuck in various parts of the country are utilising the app to e-meet their  friends and family members. Remote workers are connecting with the client and team as it has a wide features like screen sharing and voice call. They can also record the session for further uses. 

On Aug 24, 2020 the famous web conference app again faced a global outage and people from the US and UK faced difficulty logging into the app in the early morning.  The outrage began in North America and some parts of Europe from around 9AM ET and the officials of Zoom apologised for the mishap. Around 11AM ET the company said it has deployed the fix and by 12.15PM ET the status has been updated as the system is back to operational again.

No matter how the system shows outrage or falls under scrutiny because of the security concerns- Zoom has acquired the large user base compared to its competitor like Google Duo, Hangout, G-Meet and many more.

No matter how many times Zoom hit the headlines for doubt on its privacy and security concerns or growing number of user base, it has not stopped people from using the famous application.

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